Lesson Rates

In-Home Lessons:

Rates for in-home lessons are $30 per half hour, paid on a week to week basis.

I offer a free trial lesson the first week for all students.

If there is one more than one student per household taking lessons, I offer a discount of $25 per half hour.  I also offer one hour lessons at a reduced rate of $50 per hour.  This tends to be popular with adult students who feel that a half hour lesson is not long enough.

In addition to offering a free trial lesson, I offer some great benefits.  Lesson payments are made on a week to week basis, so the student can stop lessons at any time if they choose to do so.  There is no long term or monthly commitment.  You will receive quality music lessons that are non rushed from an experienced and qualified music instructor.  You may also ask me any questions throughout the week pertaining to lessons, or request a specific song to learn.  I also charge less for books than most music stores charge.  If there are problems with a student's guitar, I have a good friend of mine who handles my repairs and does an excellent job for reasonable cost.

I spent years teaching at music stores and can assure you that in-home lessons has some terrific advantages.  You do not have distractions of other students taking lessons in the next room.  I used to teach one student after another and wasn't able to form a friendly relationship with the parents of students due to time restraints.

Skype Lessons:

Skype lessons are $30 per half hour and $50 per hour, paid through PayPal.

Contact me here to book in a lesson or to ask me any questions.